Plugins are a mechanism to extend the behavior of the NetAuth server. Additional information can be read in the original release announcement.

The plugins are stored in a directory that the NetAuth server will look at on startup, controlled by values in the [plugin] stanza of the configuration file. By default the plugins will be loaded from ${HOME}/plugins/, where ${HOME} is the server's defined home directory.

Additional values in the plugin stanza of note:

  • enabled - By default the plugin subsystem is enabled by default. If for some reason you wish to disable the plugin system set this value false.

  • path - This is the path that plugins will be searched in. If this path is relative it will be computed relative to the server's home directory.

  • loadstatic - This variable controls whether or not the server will perform automatic discovery of plugins in teh path defined by the variable above. If this is set then list must also be defined.

  • list - This is a list of plugins which can be loaded from the path defined above.