netauth entity search

Search entities on the server


The search command allows complex searching within entities. This command takes a single argument which is the search expression, be sure to quote the expression if making a complex query.

All set fields on returned entities will be displayed. To display only certain fields pass a comma separated list to the --fields argument of the field names you wish to display.

Some fields on entities are part of the metadata, to address these fields in a search prefix them with 'meta.' as in 'meta.DisplayName'.

netauth entity search <expression> [flags]


$ netauth entity search 'ID:demo*'
ID: demo2
Number: 9
ID: demo3
Number: 10
ID: demo4
Number: 11

$ netauth entity search 'meta.Shell: /bin/bash'
ID: demo3
Number: 10
shell: /bin/bash


      --fields string   Fields to be displayed
  -h, --help            help for search

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Use an alternate config file
      --entity string   Specify a non-default entity to make requests as
      --secret string   Specify the request secret on the command line


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