netauth kv2 add

Add a single key and value


The Add command allows you to add values to a single key that does not presently exist on either a group or an entity. Values will be added in the order you provide, and ordering will be preserved.

netauth kv2 add <entity|group> <target> <key> <value> [flags]


$ netauth kv add entity example key1 value1
$ netauth kv add entity example cosine:phone "1 (555) 867-5309" "1 (555) 888-8888" "1 (555) 090-0461"

$ netauth kv add group example somenamespace:somekey lots of ordered values


  -h, --help   help for add

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Use an alternate config file
      --entity string   Specify a non-default entity to make requests as
      --secret string   Specify the request secret on the command line


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