netauth group create

Create a new group


Create an group with the specified name. Though there are no strict requirements on the name beyond it being a single word that is globally unique, it is strongly encouraged to make it exclusively of lower case letters and numbers. For the best compatibility, it is recommended to start with a letter only.

Additional fields can be specified on the command line such as the display name, or a group to defer management capability to. If desired a custom number can be provided, but the default behavior is sufficient to select a valid unallocated number for the new group.

The caller must possess the CREATE_GROUP capability or be a GLOBAL_ROOT operator for this command to succeed.

netauth group create <name> [flags]


$ netauth group create demo-group
New group created successfully


      --display-name string   Group display name
  -h, --help                  help for create
      --managed-by string     Delegate management to this group
      --number int            Number to assign. (default -1)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Use an alternate config file
      --entity string   Specify a non-default entity to make requests as
      --secret string   Specify the request secret on the command line


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