netauth entity create

Create a new entity with the specified ID


Create an entity with the specified ID. Though there are no strict requirements on the ID beyond it being a single word that is globally unique, it is strongly encouraged to make it exclusively of lower case letters and numbers. For the best compatibility, it is recommended to start with a letter only.

Additional fields can be specified on the command line such as the number to assign or the initial secret to set. If left blank the number will be chosen as the next unassigned number, and the secret will be prompted for. To create an entity with an unset secret, specify the empty string as the initial secret.

The caller must possess the CREATE_ENTITY capability or be a GLOBAL_ROOT operator for this command to succeed.

netauth entity create <ID> [flags]


$ netauth entity create demo
Initial Secret for demo:
New entity created successfully


  -h, --help                    help for create
      --initial-secret string   Initial secret.
      --number int              Number to assign. (default -1)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string   Use an alternate config file
      --entity string   Specify a non-default entity to make requests as
      --secret string   Specify the request secret on the command line


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