To use NetAuth you will obviously need to install it. You may either install from source or from a packaged binary. The NetAuth project does not provide binaries for download.

From Packages

If your distribution provides a package for NetAuth that is likely the easiest way to install it. Make sure that your distribution packages a recent version if you choose to go this route.

At present, the following distributions are known to package NetAuth:

  • Void Linux

From Source

If your distribution does not provide packages, or if you do not wish to use them, you can compile from source:

$ git clone -b <version> git://
$ cd netauth
$ go build -o netauthd
$ go build -o netauth
$ go build -o nsutil

You can now copy the binaries to wherever your system stores binaries that are locally managed. Typically this will be /usr/local/bin.