To use NetAuth you will obviously need to install it. You may either install from source or from a packaged binary. The NetAuth project does not provide binaries for download.

From Packages

If your distribution provides a package for NetAuth that is likely the easiest way to install it. Make sure that your distribution packages a recent version if you choose to go this route.

At present, the following distributions are known to package NetAuth:

  • Void Linux

From Source

If your distribution does not provide packages for NetAuth, you will need to install from source. To install from source you will need a working Go environment at or above version 1.10. Your environment must also have the dep dependency manager available, either via native package or via installation with go get.

Obtain the Source

Obtain the source with go get as shown. Dependencies are not vendored, so this will not attempt to build the source.

$ go get -d

This will download the source to your GOPATH. Now you should obtain the dependencies:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ dep ensure

Building the Binaries

Once you have obtained the source, you may build the server and client.

$ go get

Your compiled binaries will be in $GOPATH/bin/. As with all Go programs, the binary artifacts are statically compiled and may be copied anywhere on your filesystem.